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Some random flash entries...

2011-11-05 21:57:31 by crow342

Deserve to be extinguished. They're just too bad for newgrounds.

Just random crap...

2011-11-04 04:55:54 by crow342

Here you go ng, fresh delivered
%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u 25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u0B9C%u06E9%u06 DE%u06E9%u0B9C%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC %u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u 25AC%u25AC%u25AC
%uFF33%uFF28%uFF35%uFF34%u3000%uFF35%u FF30%u3000%uFF21%uFF2E%uFF24%u3000%uFF 25%uFF2E%uFF2A%uFF2F%uFF39%u3000NEWGRO UNDS!
%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u 25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u0B9C%u06E9%u06 DE%u06E9%u0B9C%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC %u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u25AC%u 25AC%u25AC%u25AC

Some of it was ruined, dunno why though

Good Music Makes Me Good

2011-10-22 17:08:12 by crow342

If anyone doesn't know i'm a piano player...and really others beat me a lot but NG beats them...why doesn't NG make more???

They make us feel inspiring...great...good!

Zombies or Life Games

2011-10-19 05:05:12 by crow342

What i means by life games is that you make decisions in a game...I hate those games...and zombie games...they both give me Nightmares so please newgrounders don't make those games!!!

NG Forums

2011-10-07 22:40:57 by crow342

#*$& they're always make me go mad since they first start one topic then another topic takes in first place then a whole lot of #*$& go every #*$&ing where


2011-10-07 04:35:47 by crow342

Dunno why but hardly anyone has seen my profile and also it keeps saying i'm not scouted yet. Anyone can explain how to make it gone by writing down in the comments?


2011-10-01 09:07:07 by crow342

I'm getting pissed off here since i can't submit art for some god damn reason

Huh wow

2011-09-27 02:54:01 by crow342

Can't Beleive Cyanide and Happiness was that great, same with stickmen stuff and Madness

Pretty Sad

2011-09-21 08:24:55 by crow342

Why doesn't any Fu**ing people check out my profile or anything.
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